Sacred Nature Initiative


At Thuranima Collective, we believe in the power of photography to inspire and act as a force for change. With each purchase from our Fine Art Gallery, 10% of sales will go directly towards the Sacred Nature Initiative, which aims to remind people of the fragility of our planet and the importance of reconnecting to nature. 

Crucial to this initiative is forging partnerships with educators and local conservation organizations around the world whose work reflects the ethos of the SNI thereby highlighting the loss of wilderness and plight of endangered species worldwide. The Sacred Nature Initiative is currently raising funds for Kenya Wildlife Trust's Mara Predator Conservation Programme.

This Programme leverages science, conservation and community engagement to save the lion and cheetah populations both in Kenya and the rest of Africa. Their 3 pillars include:

  1. Helping community members and landowners understand and appreciate the role of predators in the ecosystem
  2. Ensuring that key stakeholders in the Greater Mara Ecosystem consistently utilize sound scientific information to inform conservation strategies
  3. Supporting stable, healthy predator populations in the Greater Mara Ecosystem by providing scientific evidence for conservation action

To learn more about  Kenya Wildlife Trust's Mara Predator Conservation Programme, visit their website at